Removable Prosthetics

Removable prosthetics, also known as dentures or partials, are definitely a transition from natural teeth. Although our goal is to maintain natural, healthy teeth, sometimes situations are unavoidable. Our goal is to help you as our patient transition as smoothly as possible. There are some things to be prepared for when wearing a new appliance.

  • It takes time to get accustomed to the fit and feel of a removable prosthetic. Everyone has a “breaking in” period, so don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t feel comfortable right away!
  • Using your new appliance as much as possible will help to make it feel like a part of you, also helping to improve your speech and function. Although, how often you choose to wear your appliance is totally your decision.
  • Frustrations will occur, so don’t blame yourself! Learning to speak and eat can take time. The initial phase can be somewhat difficult, but with determination and a positive attitude you should find yourself finally smiling with confidence again!
  • Our mouths are not used to having a foreign appliance against our gum tissue and sore spots will likely develop. 8 complimentary adjustments are offered as a courtesy to all of our patients transitioning into a new appliance.
  • Sometimes people experience excessive salivation, altered taste perception, and a gag reflex with a new removable appliance. Typically these symptoms are short-term and manageable.
  • Removable appliances typically have a long life span, but can need modifications and/or repairs over time. These can either be done at our in-office laboratory or at one of our participating laboratories, depending on the complexity of the case. These require associated laboratory fees.
  • Specialty appliances can be fabricated to improve the fit of traditional dentures and partials. If you are interested in one of these prosthetics, please just ask! We will be glad to sit down with you for a consultation regarding the different types of appliances available to you at no charge. Complete dentures are fabricated for patients who have already lost dentition (all teeth) in one or both arches. They are typically a replacement for an older, worn, or broken denture. In cases where a patient is transitioning from still having some natural teeth to having a full denture, we call this am immediate denture. Our goal is to keep you from having to go without any teeth for any period of time, so we have a special way of staging this process! To learn more about immediate dentures, please click on the link below!

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