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Hidden Valley Dentistry in Roanoke VA offers comprehensive dental care including cosmetic dentistry and pediatric dentistry.

At Hidden Valley Dentistry, located in Roanoke, VA, we offer quality comprehensive dental care. Our friendly, experienced staff will listen to your questions and concerns and suggest appropriate treatment to fit your needs and budget.

We strive to create a comfortable, “family-like” experience, and encourage our patients to ask questions and take an active role in their dental health. Our dentists and staff members have over 100 years of combined experience and regularly attend continuing education courses to help us provide the very latest in treatment options for our patients.

Outside of our office, we regularly serve the community by volunteering our services at the Bradley Free Clinic, Roanoke Rescue Mission, and the annual Mission of Mercy Projects. If you are ready to make an appointment, or just want to learn more, please contact our office at 540-989-4093. Our office is conveniently located just behind the Oak Grove Shopping Center at 5020 Grandin Road Extension SW, Roanoke, VA 24018.

Hidden Valley Dentistry has been serving the Roanoke VA community for over 50 years.

About Our Dental Practice

The doctors here at Hidden Valley Dentistry have been serving the community for over 50 years combined! Our practice is founded on strong principles of integrity, compassion, and conservative, comprehensive dentistry for patients of all ages. Dr. William Deyerle, a graduate of the Medical College of Virginia, has practiced in the Roanoke Valley for over 40 years and proudly served our country in the United States Air Force as a dentist prior. Dr. James James, also a graduate of the Medical College of Virginia, has been in practice here at Hidden Valley Dentistry since 2006. Both doctors are members of the ADA, VDA, and Roanoke Valley Dental Society. Our practice has been well respected in the Valley for decades, and we strive to continue making our community smile even brighter!
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Our Dentists

Dr William Deyerie DDS with Hidden Valley Dentistry Roanoke VA.

Dr. William Deyerle DDS

Dr. William Deyerle graduated from the Medical College of Virginia’s School of Dentistry after completing his undergraduate studies at Guilford College. He then served as a Dentist in the United States Air Force for 2 years. He has been in practice in the Roanoke Valley since 1973. He has been happily married for 49 years and has 5 beautiful grandchildren that he loves babysitting. He also enjoys playing golf, going to the gym, and supporting his favorite sports teams in his spare time.
Dr James James III DDS with Hidden Valley Dentistry Roanoke VA.

Dr. James James III DDS

Dr. James James graduated from the Medical College of Virginia’s School of Dentistry in 2006 after completing his undergraduate studies at Emory and Henry College. After graduating from MCV, Dr. James moved to Roanoke and entered practice with Dr. Bill Deyerle. He has focused his continuing education efforts on nationally recognized core curriculum covering such topics as TMJ/Bruxism, surgical implantology, cosmetic dentistry, and endodontics. Dr. James has been married for 12 years and has 3 children. Spending time with his family is his favorite pastime, but he also finds time to work out, fish, cook, and watch football.

Our Comprehensive Dental Services



We offer comprehensive, periodical, and problem-focused exams. We focus not only on the condition of your teeth, but also you overall oral health. We include routine examinations of your periodontal health as well as oral cancer examinations.


Our hygienists strive to provide the best standards of care, conducting thorough and careful dental cleanings. Each cleaning includes scaling as needed, ultrasonic scaling if necessary, polishing and flossing. Cleaning of any removable appliance/ prosthetic is also included. Reviewing and discussing oral hygiene techniques is also an integral part of our service to you- keeping our patients informed keeps our patients happy and healthy!


We offer a variety of restorations to fit your dental needs. We use the most current, highly rated dental materials in order to provide the best quality restorations. We not only restore areas of decay, but we will also repair compromised restorations as well as replace older, unsightly amalgam restorations.


Our team values aesthetics as well as quality; therefore we offer all ceramic crowns whenever possible to achieve the best of both worlds. We use both local and national laboratories, each tailored for specific needs. If crown treatment is needed, your doctor will discuss all your possible options with you, making sure you feel comfortable and prepared for your appointment!


The most traditional option for replacing a missing tooth is a fixed bridge. No one likes the idea of losing teeth, and we agree and try to save teeth whenever possible. However, at times bridges are a good option to replace a missing tooth; similar to a crown, a fixed bridge is cemented to your natural teeth and includes an attached false tooth to fill the space left after an extraction. We will be glad to answer any questions you may have in regards to restoring your dentition!

Root Canals

A root canal is a procedure intended to save a tooth in which the nerve has become infected or has died. We all know that a root canal sounds like a terrible ordeal, but truthfully the developments in dental procedures have greatly improved not only the success rate of the treatment, but also the overall patient experience!


Having a tooth pulled (extracted) is never fun, but here at Hidden Valley Dentistry we do everything in our power to make this unpleasant experience as positive as possible.


Whether transitioning to dentures or simply improving an existing prosthetic, we aim to provide the best in fit, comfort and appearance. We work closely with our laboratories to fabricate the most appropriate prosthetic for your particular needs. Complete and immediate dentures, flexible base and cast metal partial dentures, implant supported prosthetics and provisional appliances are all available.

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We offer free consultations for bleaching, specialty applications, dentures, treatment planning and dental implant treatment (fees for x-rays mat apply if necessary)

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Hidden Valley Dentistry offers Care Credit to our patients as an alternative method of payment.
We are pleased to offer Care Credit to our patients as an alternative method of payment.

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